Spry 1.1 adds DataSet explorer tool

By David Fekke
January 17th, 2011

Adobe released a new prerelease of the Spry Ajax framework today. One of the things included in this release is a DataSet Explorer. Spry uses the xpath to flatten XML into JSON array structures that are used by the framework to display the data in a HTML format, such as tables.

This Explorer tool makes it easier to introspect the XML, and how nodes are named by the framework. It is like having a CFDUMP tag for Ajax. The DataSetExplorer file is in the "samples/DataSetExplorer.html" path in the zip file.

Here is an example of a XML file I passed into the tool;

Obsession ...hesitation ... is an hereditary trait of your species, and suddenly faced by the unknown, or imminent danger, a human will invariably experience a split second of indecision. He hesitates. 3620.7.
It will show the structure of the XML in a format like this;









You can click on any of the nodes and it will show you the data in that structure.
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