Speculation About The Death of JRun

By David Fekke
January 17th, 2011

I have seen two blog postings by Matt Woodward and Dave Carabetta about the ending of the JRun 4.5 Beta (Cheeta). Let me speculate about what Adobe might be doing about JRun. Currently the standalone version of ColdFusion runs on a JRun runtime. When Macromedia merged with Adobe, Adobe was already providing enterprise solution running on J2EE.

I know a lot of the engineers are developing these solution on top of JBOSS. JBOSS is an open source J2EE server. The company that develops and supports this server was recently purchased by Red Hat.

It is extremely dificult right now to deploy ColdFusion for JBOSS, but it is possible. Adobe might be planning to use JBOSS for their future J2EE development, and just deploy ColdFusion on top of JBOSS for their Standalone version.

I am curious to see what Adobe is up to none the less.

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