About FEK.IO

Need a iOS, Android or Node.js application


This is the web site for David Fekke's mobile applications. David is a iOS, Android and Node.js developer. He also develops .NET, ColdFusion and Java web applications.

If you are looking for David's Powerpoint and presentation slides, you find them at this Link.

If you are interested in custom application development, please contact me for rates.

You can find a copy of my Resume here.


Jax Tech Meetups

Jax Tech Meetups is a website I created to show all of the technical and software development user groups in Jacksonville, FL. If you group is not on there, please contact me to find out how you can have your group added.


David is also a Commercial pilot and a licensed remote pilot in single engine and multi engine land aircraft (ASMEL).

This Web site is built using Gatsby JS.