I am going to the Darkside . . .

By David Fekke
January 17th, 2011

I am going to the Darkside, well sort of.

Today is my last day at Vurv Technology, the company I have worked at for the last two and half years. It was extremely tough to make the decision to leave, and it has been adventure working here at Vurv.

I have decided to take a job with a company that specializes in Microsoft technologies. My new role will be working with Business Intelligence technologies in SQL Server 2005. I will also be doing some .NET development as well. The work I have been doing for the last three years has been related to business to business integration. A lot of my experience has been using ColdFusion to build these integrations, but we have also used SQL Server DTS as well as SSIS to accomplish these tasks.

I will be posting more details about my new job in the next couple of weeks. Part of my new job will be doing consulting. I look forward to continuing to support the ColdFusion community as well as the SQL Server/.NET community.

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