How to invoke the ImageWatcher CFC

By David Fekke
January 17th, 2011

Leif Wells asked if I would edit my previous blog post on how to invoke the ImageWatcher CFC. The CFC is actually invoked by the Event Gateway. A new Gateway instance needs to be created in the ColdFusion Administrator. To create a new instance, click on the "Event Gateways" link, then on the "Gateway Instances". This will the ability to add or edit a new Gateway Instance. A new Instance requires a Gateway ID, Gateway type (DirectoryWatcher), CFC path (path to my ImageWatcher CFC), and a reference to the Configuration File.

The configuration file tells ColdFusion which folder to watch, the interval, and which functions to call for the directory watcher. Here is an example of a config file;

directory=c:[\\images](\\images) interval=10000 extensions=jpg,jpeg addFunction=onAdd
You can also use functions for onChange and onDelete.
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