George Carlin "The Earth wants our Plastic"

By David Fekke
June 22nd, 2008

Bye Bye George :-(

My favorite three comedians are George Carlin, Dennis Miller and Stephen Wright. I was saddened to learn this morning that Comedian George Carlin passed away.

I saw Carlin the first time I was out in Vegas. At the end of his routine he did his famous bit on "the" Seven dirty words you can't say on radio or TV. He said when he originally did the bit, it was not "the" seven words, it was "here are seven words you can't say".

A radio station played the bit late at night in 1978, and they were fined by the FCC. They took their case all the the way to the Supreme Court until the court said that you cannot actually say those seven words.

Carlin said that he was proud because his name was mentioned in the annals of the Supreme Court for all eternity.

George Carlin

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