XMLSearch is not broken

By David Fekke
January 17th, 2011

I was wrong. XMLSearch is not broken. Steven Erat at Talking Tree made a post about this issue on his blog.

The issue has to do with setting a namespace without using a prefix qualifier. Here is an example from Steven's blog;

"[http://ns.r-xml.org/2004-08-02](http://ns.r-xml.org/2004-08-02)" ....>
Since the xml sets a namespace without the qualifier, no namespace gets set at all. Because of this, the xPath has to be explicit;
By placing the colons after the forward slashes, you are telling the search that the elements are in a no-name namespace. This should return the results you are looking for in your xml.

Thank you Steven Erat for pointing out what was actually happening.

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