XMLSearch bug fixed with this UDF

By David Fekke
January 17th, 2011

I got tired of waiting for Macromedia to fix the bug in XMLSearch, so I wrote this User Defined Function that will bypass the problem with xpath searching when the xmlns attribute is set in the XMLDoc.

The code below uses a regular expression to strip the xmlns attribute out of the XMLDoc before performing the xpath search.

<cffunction name="fixedXMLSearchOld" access="public" returntype="array">  
 <cfargument name="XMLString" type="Any" />  
 <cfargument name="xPathString" type="string"  
 <cfset var myRegEx = 'xmlns[ ]*=[ ]*"[[:graph:]]+"' />  
 <cfset var currentXMLString = "" />  
 <cfset var currentXMLDoc = xmlNew() />  
 <cfset var myArray = arrayNew(1) />  
 <cfif isXMLDoc(arguments.XMLString)>  
 <cfset currentXMLString = rereplaceNoCase(toString(arguments.XMLString),myRegEx,"","all") />  
 <cfset currentXMLString = rereplaceNoCase(arguments.XMLString,myRegEx,"","all") />  
 <cfset currentXMLDoc = XMLParse(currentXMLString) />  
 <cfset myArray = XMLSearch(currentXMLDoc,xPathString) />  
 <cfreturn myArray />

I also wrote a version in cfscript.

 function fixedXMLSearch(XMLString, xPathString) {  
 var myRegEx = 'xmlns[ ]*=[ ]*<font color="BLUE">"[[:graph:]]+"</font>';  
 var currentXMLString = <font color="BLUE">""</font>;  
 var currentXMLDoc = xmlNew();  
 var myArray = arrayNew(<font color="BLUE">1</font>);  
 if (isXMLDoc(arguments.XMLString)) {  
 currentXMLString = rereplaceNoCase(toString(arguments.XMLString),myRegEx,<font color="BLUE">""</font>,<font color="BLUE">"all"</font>);  
 } else {  
 currentXMLString = rereplaceNoCase(arguments.XMLString,myRegEx,<font color="BLUE">""</font>,<font color="BLUE">"all"</font>);  
 currentXMLDoc = XMLParse(currentXMLString);  
 myArray = XMLSearch(currentXMLDoc,xPathString);  
 return myArray;  
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