Wunder Weather Widget

By David Fekke
February 3rd, 2011

I uploaded a new module to the Orchard Gallery today. The module is called Wunder Weather. It uses Wunderground's REST API to display the current weather.

You can install the the Widget by going to the admin section of your Orchard site, and clicking the Gallery > Modules menu item.

On the Module page find the WunderWeather Widget, and select the install link as pictured below.

Once the module has been installed, you will need to click on the Configuration > Features, and scroll down to the Widgets section. Then enable the WunderWeather Widget.

Now that the widget has been enabled, you can add the widget to one of your layers by clicking on the Widgets. First you will need to select a layer you want to add the widget too.

Once you have selected the layer, you will need to select the WeatherWidget.

Orchard will present you with a Widget form to fill out. Simply put in your airport location or zip code, and choose witch zone you want to display the widget.

Once you click save, browse to the layer you placed the widget, and it should look like as follows.

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