What happened to Wired

By David Fekke
January 17th, 2011

I use a RSS news reader to subscribe to several tech sources. One of those sources is Wired.

I used to be huge fan of Wired when the magazine first came out. They were incredibly inovative with there design and their editorial content. Granted a lot of it was unreadable because of the pink type on top of gold foil background from the latest eight color press. Even with the radical design, the editorial content was great. Here are the headlines that came into my reader today.

Sony in Bad Need of Recharging

Christians Should Have Great Sex

Record Pot Busts in 2005

Plug-In Hybrid to Power Grid

Playlisting Web 2.0

I use to work as a journalist, and I realize that the same people who write headlines do not necessary write the articles. Maybe two of those are actually tech related.
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