Vista Ultimate on a Mac?

By David Fekke
January 17th, 2011

I recently purchased a MacBook Pro a couple of months ago. I installed Boot Camp and purchased Parallels so I could run Windows in VM on a Mac. I have been running XP, but my company was interested in how well Vista would run on the Mac. Vista actually screams on the MacBook Pro. We rated Vista on my Mac, and it got 5.9 on some tests and as low as 4.5 on another. Overall it rates very high. My Mac has 2 GB of RAM and a slower hard drive.

I was reading that the next service pack for Vista will include support for EFI, Intel's replacement for BIOS. Currently to install and run Windows as the startup OS for the Mac, you have to use Boot Camp to handle the EFI BIOS differences in the hardware.

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