Scott Guthrie shows off IronRuby

By David Fekke
January 17th, 2011

I read on Scott Guthrie's blog today about how Microsoft will be showing off a version of IronRuby at the next Mix. There is already a version of Python that runs on .NET through their DLR implementation. He has code samples of IronRuby in his post.

One of the exciting things to see is that Microsoft is embracing dynamic scripting languages like Ruby and Python. They are also adding Lambda expressions and dynamic features to C# and VB.NET. There is already an implementation of Ruby running on Java called jRuby. Sun has also been promoting a new scripting language called Scala.

It is nice to see these language features being embraced by Microsoft and Sun. Dynamic scripting languages like ColdFusion are becoming more and more popular. It will be interesting to see if New Atlanta will use this new technology in the next version of BlueDragon.NET.

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