Polyglot Engineer Channel

By David Fekke
August 12th, 2020

I have recently started doing a VLOG, or video log on Polyglot programming. I am calling the channel the Polyglot Engineer Channel. You can see the video content here on youtube.

The first series of videos I am doing is on Objective-C. Objective-C is a general purpose dynamically typed object oriented language based on C.

The language started out of a company that went on to become Stepstone by Brad Cox and Tom Love. Brad had read an article about Smalltalk, and deciced to write a pre-compiler that could use objects on top of the C programming language. Objective-C was adopted by NeXT Computer, the company started by Steve Jobs after he left Apple. Objective-C became the basis of the NextStep frameworks in the NeXT operating system. Jobs sold NeXT to Apple to become the macOS X. It is also the basis of iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and tvOS.

I plan on covering multiple languages with the channel. The goal is to create a library of five minute or less videos explaining how different features of a particular language work. Here is a snippet from the channel describing the goals of the channel;

This site is for software engineers and novice programmers alike to learn language features of a specific language when transitioning from one programming language to another.

Most software engineers do not use one programming language, but many, especially over the course of their career. It is important to be able to streamline the learning process by finding common features in a new language that you have used in other languages.

My goal is to create short videos around five minutes that can help software engineers learn just the feature they are looking for in a new language.

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