No reason to give up on JRun

By David Fekke
January 17th, 2011

I have received a couple of comments recently about a Blog post I made about the death of JRun. Adobe is not the only vendor who has been slow to update JRun to the latest Java EE spec. Almost every major Java vendor is taking their time upgrading their respective app servers.

This Dr. Dobbs article reports on what the different vendors are doing when it comes to Java EE 5. Right now ColdFusion is only supported on J2EE 1.4.2. So there is no reason for anyone who is doing dual development on the same server to upgrade to 5.

IBM's WebSphere will not be upgraded again until 2008, and I believe JBoss is on a similiar time frame for their upgrade.

At my company we use JRun, and it has done an excelent job in our enterprise environment. We do most of our development in CFML, so this has not been a major issue. If we did more Java development, we would probably use another vendor.

I am not a big fan of WebSphere because the complexity configuring the server. I have been playing around with WebLogic and JBoss recently. Redhat, Sun and BEA seem to be more focused on pushing Java EE platform forward

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