Microsoft adds Dynamic Language Runtime support to .NET

By David Fekke
January 17th, 2011

There are a number of dynamic languages that are already supported by .NET, such as Iron Python and JavaScript, but according to this article at eWeek, Microsoft has made this easier to do with a dynamic language runtime. The article inteviews Jim Hugunin and John Lam of Microsoft about the language support. Their work was done primarily for Iron Python, but it seems to me that it should make that much easier to support other dynamic scripting languages such as CFML.

It is becoming clear that dynamic languages are becoming more popular than statically typed languages such as Java, C# and C++. There are currently a number of dynamic languages that have been gaining interest such as Ruby, JRuby, Perl, Python, Groovy and Scala. CFML is a dynamic scripting language that should see some benefit from this renewed interest in scripting languages.

New Atlanta currently supports .NET, but without the DLR.

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