Marketing ColdFusion

By David Fekke
January 17th, 2011

I was reading Rey Bango's Blog today, and he had some interesting observations about how Adobe is marketing ColdFusion.

I posted the following comment to his blog post; It is going to take more than marketing money. If you look at Ruby On Rails, 37 Signals has been able to effectively market Ruby without spending hardly any money. Most of the marketing has been viral for RoR.

Tim and Ben are both preparing trips to user groups right now to start promoting ColdFusion 8. I think that will help, but Adobe really needs to look at how some of these other scripting languages have been marketed. Python and Ruby, both scripting languages, have been gaining popularity over Java and C#. ColdFusion is a scripting language, and I would argue easier to use than Python or RoR. Adobe should be able to leverage that increase interest in developing web applications using scripting languages.

Right now ColdFusion has about a 6% market share. That should be higher when you look at the other languages that compete with ColdFusion.

Keep in mind that Ruby, Perl and Python are all open source products. These are community projects without a company like Adobe to market it as a product.

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