iPhone is Almost Here, and I am Still not Getting One

By David Fekke
January 17th, 2011

I have posted on this before, but the iPhone is coming out tomorrow. I am still not getting an iPhone.

The biggest criticism I have seen for the iPhone is that Edge network is slow. My current Cingular phone is a 3G phone, and I get pretty good reception here in Jacksonville. Here are the other reasons why I am not getting one; No Mobile Java, No mobile Flash and no GPS. That being said, it is also a closed platform. My current cell phone, which is not a Smart phone can still run third party applications.

YouTube is re-encoding all their videos for H264. Apple could have just supported Flash FLV, and YouTube would not have to re-encode all of their video.

I guess AT&T and Apple are afraid that Skype are going to kill off AT&T's long distance business.

I also think that some of the arguments against the iPhone are bogus. The complaint I have heard is battery life. Most cell phones turn the screen off when they are not in use. I have also read a lot of complaints about the touch screen. I think the virtual keyboard make a lot more sense than the current qwerty keyboards that ship with some smart phones. The keyboard on my Blackberry really sucked.

If Apple where to offer 3G and GPS, I would buy an iPhone. Hopefully Apple will fix this with the next rev of the iPhone.

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