I am using php bloging software for jaxrow.org

By David Fekke
January 17th, 2011

I am a board member of my local rowing club here in Jacksonville. When they found out I was a web developer, they asked me if I would work on their web site.

Our hosting provider uses LAMP to host their web sites, so everything is Apache, PHP and MySQL. I have worked with MySQL and Apache before, but not so much with PHP. Since I know enough to be dangerous with PHP, I decided to try using one of the open source packages for blogging, so we could use blog software on the web site.

I decided to use bBlog for our blog. One of the things I noticed was how easy it was to install the different php projects that I came across. Most of these packages make it very easy to install on a LAMP site just using FTP and an HTML based wizard.

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