How to install Mojo on your M1 Mac if you are using asdf

By David Fekke
October 19th, 2023

I have been playing around with the new programming language Mojo by Modular. If you are not familiar with Mojo, it is a language that is a superset of Python, but with blazing fast performance.

For anyone else using asdf, I was getting the following error trying to install Mojo.

~ > modular install mojo                                                      ✔
# Found release for @ 0.4.0
# Installing to /Users/davidfekke/.modular/pkg/packages.modular.com_mojo
# Downloading artifacts. Please wait...
# Downloads complete, setting configs...
# Configs complete, running post-install hooks...
unknown command: python3. Perhaps you have to reshim?
modular: error: failed to run python:

I had to uninstall python from asdf, remove the reference from .tool-versions. I had to add the homebrew path to my ~/.zshrc file. I was able to look up the correct path using brew info python.

I also had to remove python3 from my asdf shims. Once I did all of those things, I was able to get Mojo installed on my M1 Mac.

Tags: mojo, asdf, python

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