How not to Protest 101

By David Fekke
January 17th, 2011

Last week in Califiornia, and in other parts of the country students protested tuition hikes and budget cuts in their colleges and universities. In California where the state has a $20 billion budget shortfall, the students there protested by holding up traffic.

I am a firm believer in the First amendment, and for the rights of Americans to peaceably assemble. One of the goals of a protest is to sway people to your point of view. Holding up traffic does not achieve this goal. It turns people against you and your argument.

Traffic in California is already pretty bad. Running out into traffic on Interstate 80 just makes it much worse, and will turn the public against you and your argument. There are much more affective ways of protesting. Holding up traffic just makes the public think you are a narcissistic brat.

I would suggest actually looking at the state and school budgets, and making suggestions to you local state representives on how your tax dollars should be spent.

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