Flex/Air and Linq Presentations at Jaxcodecamp

By David Fekke
January 17th, 2011

I will be giving three presentations at the Jacksonville Code Camp this Saturday. Two of the presentations will be on Flex, and the other will be on Linq.

This years code camp will have multiple tracks covering development methodologies, .NET 3.5, Flex/Air, Java, Ruby, SQL Server. The event is free, and all you half to do sign up to attend. Tuesday is the last day to register. Here is a list of the presentations I will be giving at the code camp;

Intro to Flex/Air

This presentation is a introduction to the Flex and Air technologies from Adobe.

Integrating Flex/Air with ColdFusion

This is the same presentation I gave at the last JaxFusion meeting. It covers how to use server technologies with Flex/Air applications.

Linq for SQL

This is the same presentation I gave at SQL Saturday earlier this year. It covers the basics on querying at database using Linq.

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