Civilization 4 Error

By David Fekke
January 17th, 2011

John Lyons wanted me to post about a problem he encountered with a version of Civilization 4 he recently purchased.

Here is an example of the error;

Civilization 4 Error

Feature: DefaultFeature
Error: Catastrophic Failure

This error is the result of corrupt installation disks from Take2. You have to return to your retailer the two cd's , box contents and exchange it for a valid non corrupt cd set. To determine what CD set is valid or not open the box at the store after purchase and compare the inner serial codes on the clear section of the cd agianst the following.

Bad Disks: #1 - 7787511 R2N 01 IFPIL250 , #2 - 7787512 RERIR 01 IFPIL241

Good Disks:#1 - 77875-1.1V3 , #2 - 77875-1.2V3

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