Using Node to do Stock TA on WSBs

JaxNode Feb. 2021

Full disclosure

  • I am not a Fiduciary
  • Please do not use this as financial advice
  • Don't take financial advice from anyone who bought an airplane
  • I own BlackBerry stock
  • My company is partners with BB

WSB History

  • Started in 2012
  • Forum on Reddit
  • Meant for Retail Investors
  • Discord server, now defunct
  • 2020 happened!


  • Roaring Kitty (Keith Gill) believer in $GME
  • Melvin Capital and other Hedge Funds shorted $GME
  • $GME was shorted at 138%
  • WSBs started a short-squeeze by buying $GME
  • Some Hedge funds had to get bailed out 
  • Billions of losses for the hedge funds
  • GME went up to $483 in intraday trading
  • Robinhood suspended trades of certain stocks
  • GME down to $43 now

Information Technology

  • 2007 Stock Market went digital
  • Floor of NYSE is just for show
  • High Frequency Traders or HFTs
  • Trades occur through multiple exchanges and 'Dark Pools'
  • Blockchain and Ethereum Network (Smart Contracts)

Michael Lewis

  • Former Stock Broker
  • Writes non-fiction books
  • Wrote Money Ball, The Blind Side
  • Flash Boys
  • The Big Short

Dr. Michael Burry

The Big Short

  • Burry is an MD turned Financial Wiz
  • Started Scion Capitol 
  • Burry analyzed mortgage CDOs
  • Found that growing number of mortgages were defaulting
  • Conventional wisdom was that home prices never fall 
  • He purchased derivatives against mortgage backed securities and made $700 million for his investors
  • He just looked to see if payments were being made

Flash Boys

  • Book covers high frequency traders or HFTs
  • Subjects include fiber optic line between Chicago and New Jersey
  • Sergey Aleynikov, a Russian programmer who worked for Goldman Sachs, and was imprisoned.
  • IEX, an exchange that figured out how to prevent HFTs from using bots to front load purchases.

Software Engineers Important for Finance

  • Most data online and free
  • Lots of open source tools
  • Many providers have Python, Node and .NET SDKs
  • Most boards have APIs that can be consumed
  • Build automated trading bots (Algorithmic trading)
  • Use Arbitrage to profit on trades 

Retail Investments

  • Buy and Sell stocks
  • Funds and ETFs
  • Options trading
  • Derivatives
  • Flash loans
  • Shorting
  • Crypto currencies

Services and Tools

  • Yahoo Finance
  • Google Finance
  • Robinhood (Unofficial)
  • Alpaca
  • binance (crypto-currency trading)
  • (Reddit Big Data)
  • Twitter 🐦
  • talib
  • Sentiment Analysis

  • BigData API for Reddit
  • Reddit also has their own API
  • Service is rate limited to 60 requests a minute
  • Three main endpoints
  • reddit/comment/search
  • reddit/submission/search
  • reddit/subreddit/search

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Future Topics

  • Hedge Fund
  • Blockchain
  • Smart Contracts
  • Ethereum
  • Solidity Language



Next Meeting

  • Blockchain
  • Ethereum Network
  • Solidity Programing Language
  • Smart Contracts
  • DeFi