ComputerWorld says ColdFusion is dead!

By David Fekke
May 24th, 2007

This paragraph is taken from a Computerworld article today that I saw on DIGG.

This once-popular Web programming language -- released in the mid-1990s by Allaire Corp. (which was later purchased by Macromedia Inc., which itself was acquired by Adobe Systems Inc.) -- has since been superseded by other development platforms, including Microsoft Corp.'s Active Server Pages and .Net, as well as Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP and other open-source languages. Debates continue over whether ColdFusion is as robust and scalable as its competitors, but nevertheless, premiums paid for ColdFusion programmers have dropped way off, according to Foote. "It was really popular at one time, but the market is now crowded with other products," he says.

Apple ran throught this about ten years ago with the Apple is dead, and Mac is Dead. Of course now Apple is stronger than they have ever been. As far as I am concerned this is another example of tech journalism going down hill.

It is also an example of Adobe not doing its job in marketing ColdFusion.

Look for more about this on my blog.

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