ColdFusion Product Manager Jason Delmore Cut from Adobe

By David Fekke
January 17th, 2011

I was reading Ben Forta's blog and saw that Jason Delmore, the ColdFusion product manager has been let go from Adobe. He was one of the many people who have been laid off from Adobe.

I had the opportunity to meet Jason not too long after he was hired at Adobe. At the time he was hired, I was happy that Adobe hired him because he had been working at a competitor of mine. I found Jason to be good steward for ColdFusion.

While Jason was at Adobe, ColdFusion 8 was released, and ColdFusion 9 has been announced. I have been extremely happy with the new features that have included in 8, and the features announced for 9.

I am sorry that Jason is gone from the ColdFusion team. The product really improved under his tenure. That is not a bad CV. Hey Microsoft, you might want to hire this guy.

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