Objective-C for C# Developers at Jax Code Camp on October 6th

26 Sep 2012

I am going to be doing a presentation on developing for iOS devices at the Jacksonville Code Camp on October 6th. The schedule has not been posted yet on the web site, but I just got notification that my presentation was selected.

This presentation will be similiar to one I did in 2009. Objective-C is the primary language used for developing apps on the iOS and the Mac. There have been a lot of changes to the iOS SDK since I did that last presentation in 2009.

The point of the presentation will be to familiarize Objective-C to C# and Java developers. There are a lot of similarities between C# and Objective-C. I will explore these so that C# or Java developer can walk away with better understanding using their existing knowledge.

I hope we get a good turn out for the JaxCodeCamp this year. Please tell your developer friends to come out a week from Saturday.

Azure Websites

20 Sep 2012

Scott Guthrie’s last blog post had details on Microsoft’s new Azure websites. Some of the big improvements are a new shared tier hosting, A-Record support and Fast-CGI support.

One of the features I like is GitHub and CodePlex continuous integration support. He has some demonstrations on how you can push changes into your repository and they automatically get loaded onto the website.

I have avoided using Azure in the past because of price and a-record support, but now with the new pricing structure I will probably use Azure going forward for small sites.

Azure also supports PHP and Node.js applications. They even host Linux VMs if you need a Linux VM.

Next JaxMUG meeting September 24th on the Unity 3D IDE.

12 Sep 2012

From Ovi over at the Jacksonville Mobile Developers User Group:

September 24th, Monthly meeting - Intro to Unity3D by Joel Hegeman

  • What is Unity3D
  • What kind of games can be written in Unity3D?
  • IDE Basics
  • Creating a Scene
  • Moving around the Character
  • Time Permitting……Blowing Stuff up!!!

Joel Hegeman is the Vice President of application development for New Age Solution. Joel was born and mostly raised right here in Jacksonville. He has been writing enterprise web and mobile applications for 14 years in various languages and platforms. Joel specializes in .Net, jQuery, Windows Phone, and Android development projects. Joel is the author of several WP7 apps including Simply Solitaire which generates over a million ad impressions a month.

Rsvp at http://jaxmug.eventbrite.com/ . See you there!

Register for JaxCodeCamp 2012

11 Sep 2012

From JaxCodeCamp 2012;

JaxCodeCamp 2012 - Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 6th, 2012!!

It is that time of year again and JaxDUG is excited to announce that JaxCodeCamp 2012 is rapidly approaching and we are looking forward to another great event this year!

With a variety of sessions and speakers, this event is a great way to expand your knowledge and your network with other professionals in the IT industry. If you or anyone you know is currently working with Microsoft Technologies, .Net development, and other areas of web development, mobile applications or similar technologies this is the event to attend! Whether you are junior, mid or senior level in IT field, this event is a great way to network and gain additional knowledge about various technologies.

If you have not yet registered for JaxCodeCamp 2012 please sign up here as soon as possible!

If you are interested in submitting a speaker session, please visit: https://jaxcodecamp.uservoice.com/ to submit your topic.
The last day to submit a session is September 24, 2012.

Please feel free to pass this information along to anyone you know who would be interested in this event!

_TEKsystems will be sponsoring breakfast and we look forward to seeing you there!!


Michael Gidron Speaking Tomorrow on Developing for Android at JaxMUG Meeting

29 Aug 2012

Michael Gidron will be speaking tomorrow on developing for Android at the JaxMUG meeting. This is part of a series of presentations on going from zero experience to getting your applications onto the app store for that platform. Michael is a former colleague of mine from LPS, and a great engineer. Michael has been developing for mobile since the Palm, and has great insight into developing for mobile platforms.

Android has an interesting SDK. You can build apps for android using the Java language. I am certain Michael will go into detail on the developer experience using the Android SDK.

The JaxMUG meets the forth thursday each month. We are currently meeting at the Jacksonville Southside public library. The meeting will start tomorrow at 6:00 PM. I look forward to seeing everyone there tomorrow.

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You can checkout the details at jaxmug.eventbrite.com and register if
you’d like to attend.

On a separate note, for those who don’t know yet, Jax CodeCamp 2012
organized by JaxDUG is taking place @ UNF, Oct 6th. You can see current
talk submissions, vote or propose your own talk at
jaxcodecamp.uservoice.com … Also, volunteers are always in demand :)
You can use jaxcodecamp2012-eorg.eventbrite.com to get in touch with the
organizers. Feel free to ping me as well with any questions …